Setup and Configuration

Getting How I VSCode setup locally takes just three steps (and one of them is copy & paste). Once you get it setup, any changes you make within VSCode will automatically be synced

1. Create an account on How I VSCode

Click this button to create an account and login via GitHub:

2. Install the How I VSCode Extension

This can be done by searching for "HowIVSCode" (no spaces) in your extensions explorer (⇧⌘X) and clicking install. Alternatively, you can click install in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

finding the How I VSCode extension

3. Copy your Auth Token

Once you have the How I VSCode extension installed, you need to enter your personal auth token.

To enter your token, access the command palette (⇧⌃P) and search for "Setup How I VSCode".

finding the How I VSCode extension

Once you see the pop-up, enter your personal auth token.

Once you sign in, your auth token will be listed here. You can also find it on your personal account page.

That's it. With in a minute or two, you should see your data synced to How I VSCode. If not, you could run the "Send My Info to How I VSCode" command in the command palette (⇧⌃P).