I built How I VSCode to make it easier to share my current VSCode settings. In addition, I wanted to make it much easier to learn how others use VSCode as well.

At its heart, How I VSCode is itself a VSCode Extension. When installed it will synchronize some data about your personal VSCode setup. Anytime you make changes to any of these values (or extensions) it will ping this site with the changes.

All of your VSCode settings are not sent since you may have things in there you do not want public. If you are in the market for a way to synchronize and backup all of your VSCode settings, the excellent extension, Settings Sync, will do the trick for you.

The extension is 100% open source. You can take a peek ahead of time if you are skeptical about what it sends out. You can also change this configuration value to your own URL (perhaps using RequestBin.com) if you want to see a dry run.

Many Thanks!

How I VSCode would not be possible without a mega ton of free software and resources. Similar to the the Emmy's, it is not possible to name and thank everyone...but here we go:

  • Rails - full featured and ever improving
  • Tailwind CSS - TailWind almost makes me comfortable implementing a design. The lack of design though is all on me. 😆
  • Nord - The awesome color palette (I likely butchered).
  • RequestBin - I missed RequestBin. Such an easy way to test outbound services. It was instrumental to the development of the VSCode extension.
  • VSCode - I don't know exactly what convinced Microsoft to go in this direction, but I love it!
  • Devise - auth made easy and consistent.
  • GoRails - screen casts on Webpacker helped a bunch. I also grabbed a bunch of inspirations from Chris's JumpStart template.
  • Undraw.co - great images you can drop in and add a splash of color and personality to your site/app.
  • Markdown Views - easily use markdown in your rails views
  • Zondicons & FontAwesome - sweet SVG icons.
  • HoneyBadger - Free error tracking (for solo projects)
  • debounce - Without debounce all of your updates in VSCode may have happened multiple times.


This website and the extension was built by Scott Watermasysk. I am the co-founder of KickoffLabs (got viral content/lead generation needs...we can help!).

You can find me: